The level of opportunity has come for people to get involved on a big scale whether they are house wives or working ladies or businessman or people owning their own businesses. We are currently looking for 50 Stores countrywide to be part of the company by means of signing on as a distributor within a prescribed area that suits you and you recruit several persons under yourself to advance the brand and the prescribe persons in the said profit sharing process. Each province will have approximately 5- 6 main distributors to control and filter the product through all types of sectors whom will fall under the distributors.

Our company is running on a small mark-up which will enable the distributors to earn a weekly Rebate on a regulated prices formatted by head office. (Loxion Paper) These figures will be revealed once you are on board. Please note that we have decided on regulated prices because we want you to prosper in the market place and have a share in the market. All distributors will earn a percentage REBATE rate based on volumes sold at set prices. The set prices will be very viable to market and make a decent living for the value that you have initially invested for a distribution value.

We predict a reasonable value of R 10,000 to 20,000 as a basic income based on projections sold and rebates complied for your value of investment between R15 000 and R30 000 , this is also based on what package you take for your distribution ship. We can say the value is appox 8% - 10% of goods sold. We have decided to do a rebate system on products sold thus making our product affordable and across the board and very competitive throughout South Africa. The reason for regulated prices is also for all distributors to make a decent living and not exploit the end user.


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